Sugar Plum Vegan Evolution

A lot of changes are happening here at Sugar Plum Vegan.  We are now focusing on wholesale and online shipping and have decided to no longer offer special order cakes or catering. Our goal is to create a brand that can become more nationwide and easily distributed.  We are concentrating on our ingredients and will slowly be changing our products to not contain any refined sugars, palm oil, gluten or soy.

Sugar Plum is celebrating clean eating and developing treats that are minimally processed and made of whole foods and healing herbs and spices. We encourage you to adopt this way of eating as well. It is just as delicious and it will help create a smaller footprint on this wonderful Earth that is struggling to survive. 

We have vowed to Do No Harm within our lives and our business.  I do hope you like the new Sugar Plum Vegan. We are excited to share it with you.

Peace and Love,